M1 System B Bio Diesel Booster- High Power Fuel Additive - Diesel Additive 200ml

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M1 Sytem B- Bio Diesel Booster 

Helps to protect engine from damages from non quality controlled or adulterated Bio Diesel .

First time usage : Empty to contents of this 200 ml pack in diesel tank in 10 litres of Diesel / Bio Diesel

Regular treatment : Use 2 ml per 1 litre of Bio Diesel in diesel tank .

 200 ml pack treats up to 100 Litres of Bio Diesel 

  1. Removes Carbon deposits from the engine 
  2. Improves Engine performance
  3. Improves Pickup
  4. Raise fuel economy
  5. Gives cleaner exhaust
  6. Reduces frequent lowering of gear . 


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  • Who much booster add In one tank of 400 ltr

    400 ml of bio diesel booster required to treat 400 litre diesel that means 2 bottles of 200 ml.
    1ml per litre .